As a part of historic BTC Accord in 2003, the Baksa district was created newly under BTAD. The Deputy Commissioner's Office started functioning from 2004 and Dr. Anwaruddin Choudhury, ACS honoured as the first Deputy Commissioner of Baksa district. Due to lack of infrastructure in the HQ Mushalpur, the Deputy Commissioner's office and Superintendent of Police office started functioning from a temporary office at Barama PWD IB. The DC office has shifted to its HQ (Mushalpur) in its permanent building on 09-Nov-2010.

General Administration: The district administartion is headed by the Deputy Commissioner. He is also responsible to act as a District Magistrate in case of Law & Order and General Administartion.

There are three sub-divisions in the district viz. Mushalpur(Sadar), Tamulpur(Civil) and Salbari(Civil)

Law & Order: Maintenance of Law & Order is a highly important aspect of the district administration and the DC, also being D.M, is responsible for proper maintenance of the same. The DC is aided by the Additional District Magistrate(ADM), Sub-Divisional Magistrate(SDM) and Executive Magistrate(EM). The Circle Officer of the circles also function as Executive Magistrates and responsible for maintenance of Law & Order in their respective circle areas. The DM and other magistrate take necessary assistance from the Police Department when such necessity arises. District Police Administartion is headed by the Supperintendent of Police. The Police Deptt. has an infrastructure of 8(Eight) Police stations, 11 (Eleven) out-posts, 5(Five) Petrol Posts and other auxiliary establishment in the district.


Shri Aayush Garg, IAS (DR-2016)
Deputy Commissioner, Baksa
Ph: 03624-234524 (O), 03624-234631 (R)
Mob: 60015-17710
Fax: 03624-234556
(Joined on 19-05-2021)
Shri Sadhan Sarkar, ACS (DR-1993)
Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Baksa
Mob: 80113-89886
(Joined on 24-02-2020)
Shri Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, ACS (DR-2004)
Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Baksa
Mob: 94350-22744
(Joined on 06-01-2021)
Shri Arun Kumar Brahma, ACS
Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Baksa
Mob: 94353-26190
(Joined on 08-07-2020)
Shri Bhaskar Das,ACS (DR-1997)
Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Baksa
Mob: 70026-03220
(Joined on 01-03-2021)
Shri Manabendra Bharali, ACS (DR-2019)
Election officer, Baksa
Mob: 94357-94470
(Joined on 04-03-2019)
Smt. Snigdha Mitherpangsa (DR-2017)
Assistant Commissioner, Baksa
Mob: 91013-86713
(Joined on 15-02-2021)
Smt. Dr. Neel Harit Kausik, ACS (DR-2021)
Assistant Commissioner, Baksa
Mob: 86388-84146
(Joined on 15-02-2021)
Smt. Nizwra Boro, ACS (DR-2021)
Assistant Commissioner, Baksa
Mob: 60005-09008
(Joined on 15-02-2021)
Shri Davidson Daimari, ACS (DR-2021)
Assistant Commissioner, Baksa
Mob: 70025-82699
(Joined on 15-02-2021)

DC Office, Mushalpur