1.Assembly Election Related Order:

Order Download/View File
1.Media certification & Monitoring Committee Click Here
2.Order for Personnel Cell Click Here
3.Order for IT Cell Click Here
4.Check List for Filling Nomination Click Here
5.COVID-19 Guidelines for Conduct of Election Click Here
6.Declaration of election 2021_PressNoteNo_26_02.2021 Click Here
7.Manual of Model Code of Conduct for political parties Click Here

2.Assembly Election Related Tenders:

Election Related Material Download/View File Last Date
1.Tenders for Election Materials Click Here 20-02-2021
2.Shrot Notice inviting Tender for Election Equipment Click Here 20-02-2021
3.Notice Inviting Quotation for Refreshment Items Click Here 22-02-2021
4.List of Polling Envelopes With Cover Printing Click Here N/A
5.Order for Election Items Click Here N/A
6.Short Notice Inviting Tender Click Here N/A

3.Election Related Notifications:

Notification Download/View File
1.Nodal Officer for Election Expenditure Monitoring Click Here
2.Checklist for Candidates and political parties Click Here
3.Criminal Anticedent Click Here
4.News paper rate Click Here
5.Rate per hour of Helicopters Click Here
6.EC_2021_Guide final Click Here
7.Publication of Criminal Antecedents regarding Click Here
8.Election notification Click Here
9.Election Notice Click Here

4.Election Related Videos:

Election videos/Photos View Video
1.Video 1 Click Here
2.Video 2 Click Here
3.Video 3 Click Here

5.Form 12 D:

Download Form 12 D Click Here